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About Punalur

Punalur is an important town located on the eastern border of Kerala state touching the limits of Tamil Nadu. Being found on the banks of River Kallada, it is one of the finest cities of Kollam district. The name of city was derived from Tamil words Punal and Ooru, which means water and city respectively. It is hence called as the city of water. It is recognized for its immaculate greenery and for being an integral the part of Western Ghats. In fact, it is also called as Lap of Western Ghats in this part of India.

Information About Punalur

Punalur is located 75 kilometers away from the state capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram and district headquarters are at Kollam which is 45 km from here. Significant placement between Sengottai of Tamil Nadu state and Kollam has given strategic advantage to Punalur since ancient times. It is well known as a major trading and transport center. It has been the first city that witnessed huge industrial revolution. Due to focus of political and economic field, Punalur has gained large advantage for its overall development.

Administration in Punalur

Punalur is a taluk in the district of Kollam located in the state of Kerala. Taluk office and tehsildar is responsible for the administration of Punalur. Self-governing body, municipal council sole undertakes the work of providing facilities and proficiencies in the city area of Punalur.

History of Punalur

Punalur is one of the historical towns of India which is inhabited before Indus Valley Civilization during Mesolithic period. Inscriptions about Punalur are also described in Vellayani and Mithranandpuram. A recent study revealed that the river Kallada is one of the ancient streams of this part. It has one of the oldest civilizations of history which survived on the banks of this river.

Many kingdoms tried to capitalize on this region for the supremacy on trading of spices in this zone. Till the year 1734, this region was ruled by Ilaydathu Swaroopam. Afterwards, it came under the kingdom of Travancore when Marthanda Varma annexed this part from Ilaydathu Swaroopam. British had significant hold at this location due to spice trading opportunity of this region.

Geography of Punalur

Punalur is located in quite uphill and sloppy areas of Kollam district at the banks of river Kallada. Its average altitude or elevation is around 184 feet and it is recognized as one of the lush areas of Kerala. Located in Western Ghats, it is surrounded by Vilakudy, Vettithitta, Kottavattom, Mathra and Edamon region.

Climate in Punalur

Climate of Punalur is quite contradicted to similar regions found in the zone of UNESCO heritage site, Western Ghats. It is one of the hottest areas of Kerala that has recorded highest temperature of 40 degrees which is rare to find in this region. Even, it holds the lowest temperature record as well which is 12.9 degrees.

Apart from this, pre-monsoon, monsoon, and post monsoon are three types of rainy days witnessed by this location. Pre-monsoon showers are received during March, April and May while normal monsoon lasts between June and September. October and November represent the post monsoon phase after which winter season starts here.

Economy and Industry in Punalur

Economically, Punalur is quite sound and upright in this region. Being situated between two large cities, Sengottai of Tamil Nadu and Kollam of Kerala, Punalur became an important trading center of southern India. It has been developed with elevated infrastructure and development for economic growth.

Punalur Paper Mills, found in 1850s is the first industry to be established in Kerala. This city has taken leadership in industrial revolution in this part and became pioneer in industrial revolution. Though, this factory was closed down in 1987 due to little disputes and other reasons, the economy of Punalur was on high when this paper mill was in full swing. Now, initiative is taken to revive this heritage industry again to participate in the growth of Punalur.

Economy and Industry in Punalur

Alongside, Agro, timber, and other similar industries have taken the responsibility of economic growth in Punalur. Rehabilitation Plantation Limited, Kerala Latex Private Limited, Travancore Plywood Industries Limited, State Farming Corporation of Kerala Limited, RPC Kraft Paper Mill Manufacturing, etc. are the leading industries sprawling in the region of Punalur.

Apart from Industries, agriculture is the most relevant occupation for the people in Punalur. Rubber, pepper, pineapple, timber, etc. are the major products of this region. This cultivation also gives boost to industries in form of raw material and strengthens the economy of Punalur.

People in Punalur

People in Punalur are among the first to revolt against the Portuguese and Diwan rule. It is assumed that Punalur is inhabited since Mesolithic period, well before the Indus Valley Civilization. Residents found in this region are from mixed background. People with faith in Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are living with peace and harmony in Punalur.

Fair and Festivals in Punalur

Boat race is quite alluring features of Kerala and Kerala tourism organize this event in form of festival January in Punalur and adjoining areas. Astami Rohini, Oachirakali, and Onam festivals are celebrated with great note in this entire region. Every festival in Punalur is celebrated by people by wearing colorful dresses, cleaning ambiance, and greeting friends as well as their relatives.

Food in Punalur

Punalur is famous for Malayalam food and Tamil food. Being situated on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is furnished with restaurants that serve all local food cuisines admired by the people. South Indian, typical north Indian cuisines, Chinese food, etc. are flavor trends in Punalur. Bakery products are favorite snacks for local people along with their favorite coffee.
Restaurants in Punalur

Thriveni Coffee House
Address: SH 48, Panamkuttymala,
Punalur, Kerala 691305

Imperial Bakery
Address: SH 48, Panamkuttymala,
Punalur, Kerala 691305

Mangalasheriyil Bakery
Address: NH 208, Kalayanad, Punalur,
Kerala 691305

Imperial Bakers
Address: NH 208, Chemmanthoor,
Punalur, Kerala 691305

5 Loves Bake House
Address: NH 208, Chemmanthoor, Punalur,
Kerala 691305
Phone No: 0475 222 0028

Tourism in Punalur

Punalur is surrounded by beautiful ambiance and suitable climate almost throughout the year. Travelers from around the world visit Punalur for historical places, natural sightseeing and green vegetation.
Suspension bridge is one of the prime attractions of Punalur. Established in the year 1877, it is the most amazing engineering structure that is only found in Punalur in the entire south India. Constructed by Albert Henry, it is built on River Kallada. It is a unique bridge supported on cables. It is a suspension bridge used for transmission of people and vehicles from one side to other of Kallada River.

The history of bridge is quite interesting. The other side of River Kallada was dense forest at that time and for connectivity, it was very important to build bridge over it. Wild animals could easily enter the city of Punalur with concrete bridge, hence suspension bridge was planned to restrict wild animals to cross it. The bridge is entirely based on four wells and clips are connected to iron rod.

Apart from this landmark place, Elamphal Jerusalem Marthoma Church, Salvation Army Central Church, St Mary’s Malankra Catholic Church, and other religious places are alluring attractions of Punalur. Elephant Cage is another beautiful landmark present in the premises of Punalur. Elevated Walkway in the vicinity of Punalur is a must-visit attraction to feel the closeness to nature. 13 ring railway bridge found near Punalur is also an excellent engineering structure to watch here.

Accommodations in Punalur

Punalur is well established with accommodations and staying facilities. From budget hotels to 3 star hotels, all varieties are easy to find in Punalur. These hotels are accompanied with comfortable services and useful amenities to satisfy their guests. Resorts or nature resorts are trending accommodations in the city of Punalur. Travelers prefer to relax at such resorts that are eco-friendly and completely fringed in the nature. Few resorts are offering tranquility and significant comfort along with medicinal spas and other amenities for rejoice as well as revitalization of body. Beautiful and calm ambiance of Punalur elevates the living in a nature resort.

Kumar Palace
Address: T.B Junction, Q.S. Road,
Punaloor, Kerala 691331
Phone No: 0475 223 0400

Hotel Vrindhavanam
Address: NH 208, Panamkuttymala,
Punalur, Kerala 691305
Phone: 0475 222 2961

Hotel Zam Zam
Address: Kollam Thirumangalam Road,
Punalur, Kerala 691305
Phone No: 0475 222 5283

Potty Hotel
Address: NH 208, Panamkuttymala,
Punalur, Kerala 691305

KTDC Motel Aaram
Address: NH 208, Kalayanad,
Punalur, Kerala 691331
Phone: 0475 223 1050

Kerala Hotel
Address: Kalayanad, Punalur,
Kerala 691305

Kamal Hotel
Address: NH 208, Kalayanad, Punalur,
Kerala 691305

How to Reach Punalur

Punalur by Road

Road Transport Facility in Punalur

Punalur is intersected by National Highway 208, and State Highway 8. These highways are major connectivity places for Punalur. Through them, it is well connected to Tamil Nadu and entire Kerala. KSRTC buses are available from adjoining cities to reach Punalur by road. Private buses also ply between important towns of Kerala and Tamil Nadu having halt at Punalur.

Punalur by Train

Punalur is connected to largest rail network of Indian Railways through its own railway station. It is connected to entire country through railways. Though, Punalur falls in the extended loop that is connected through passenger trains. Punnalur - Kanniyakumari Pass, Punalur Kollam Pass, Punalur Madurai Passenger etc. are the main trains available for Punalur. It is well connected to major trains till Kollam station.

Punalur by Air

Trivaandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Punalur. It is nearly 103 km from Punalur. Cochin is next nearest airport situated at a distance of 185 km from here. Both airports are connected through taxis and cab to reach Punalur.

Entertainment in Punalur

Punalur is found with few entertaining stuffs as well. People can visit tourist spots or cinema halls to get pleasure during the weekends. New Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and English films are displayed in local theatres established in Punalur.

Sai Lakshmi Theatre
Address: Punalur
Mobile No: + (91) - 9447022814, 9446706362
Phone No: + (91) - 475 - 2222232

Sree Padmanabha Theatre
Address: Punalur - 691 305

Demographics of Punalur

  • State: Kerala
  • District: Kollam
  • Elevation: 56 meter
  • Population: 46702
  • Literacy Rate: 84%
  • Pin Code: 691 305/ 034
  • STD Code: 0475
  • Vehicle Registration: KL 2, KL 25

  • E-mail

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